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28.11.17 - Rome in June – it was so hot!

„Really, you have never been to Rome?“ – „No.” Well… I had spent transit time in Fuimicino and Termini, but never stayed overnight. Somehow sad, given that I realize my growing affection for that country.  In the past 12 months, I have been four times in Italy. On a side note, I believe that Italy gains significance when you get older. When you have done enough to really understand the dolce fa niente. When you have established the right attitude for people watching, and enough money to do this in an appropriate bar with appropriate Sprizz. And then again, you have enough experience to spot the best osteria with simple food and good honest wine.

Back to Rome: When it was time to look out for a new travel destination with Christoph, Claudia and Wolfgang, Rome came into focus. Some of us had been there, some of us had even visited the Pope… but this time, we photography was in focus.

It was incredibly hot! It was only midst of June, but we dealt with temperatures in the high 30s – centigrades. It was even hotter on the bus, and riding it, I felt my body and cognitive abilities went in sauna mode. Hallucinations were not far. The typical tourist sites were overcrowded (Fontana di Trevi, Basilica di San Pietro, Piazza di Spagna). We had not enough energy to be there before 7 am in the morning. Plus, public transport was on strike. So, Rome became a trip not most focused on photography. We took it slow, went for lunch when it was too hot, and had our Sprizz when it just felt right to do so. But we took some pictures! Have a look at them here.

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