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16.12.14 - To be(come) a wedding photographer

Stilpirat Hochzeit 762sw… had not been a scenario even in my wildest dreams. I love capturing street scenes when I travel, and I easily get up before sunrise to photograph landscapes in their morning sleepiness.  This is bliss enough, I don’t need more – I had thought. But then friends and family asked me to please photograph their wedding. In the beginning, I refused (“I am not good enough”), but they convinced me to do it anyway. In retrospect, I realize how meaningful these weddings were to me.

When we take new paths in life, we often can’t pinpoint at which corner they start: When did I fall in love? How did I end up being a Sociologist? And how did it happen that I now have that website that advertises Christine Geserick as a bookable wedding photographer? All I know is that it must have been “there”, for a while. I really enjoyed the weddings I had photographed. A lot of emotion, challenges, and pure adrenaline, for 12+ hours straight.

Then, in the spring of 2014, several things happened at the same time: new liberal laws in Austria, a “business opportunity” in Munich, a revived contact with my Munich-based photo-friend Alexander Hoffmann, and a growing realization the landscapes are not as happy as newlyweds when you retell their special moments. It so happened that in August 2014, Alexander and I decided to become a team of wedding photographers. All this within 24 hours. By the way, we never got the Munich-wedding job, somebody else was even quicker. But we now had the energy to define what we wanted, built up our new websites, and discuss the real stuff: offers, prices and strategies.

So, here we are, with our new ideas, waiting for couples to reach out for us. I am curious where this path will lead. This is my new website: christine-geserick-hochzeitsfotografie.com, and this is Alexander’s. Please spread the word to all lovers you know, or get married yourself… We are ready! And willing to travel!

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